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Custom Coating Solutions
by Solomon Coatings

At Solomon Coatings we provide a wide range of specialty coating systems for a wide variety of customers. We will pioneer coating applications and specialty systems designed for unique projects and aggressive operational environment. We provide a wide range of quality custom coatings. We provide coatings for metal, glass, and rubber surfaces which can withstand extremes of temperatures, chemical applications, and environments.

This includes engineering, information technology, security, military, medical, and scientific instruments, tools, and containers. We provide a wide range of colours and undeviating coating thickness. Our quality is unsurpassed and our Coating Technicians are ready to provide you with a practical solution for your unique coating needs.

Custom Coated Firearm
  • Medical & Scientific
  • Engineering Applications
  • Aerospace & Military
  • Information Technology & Security
  • Commercial Finishes
  • Food grade Equipment
  • Coating for: metal, rubber, fiberglass, glass, etc.
Specialty Industrial Parts

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