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Solomon's Exclusive PUMPGUARD
Family of Coatings

The PUMPGUARD™ family of Industrial Coatings is exclusive to Baker Hughes Company (Centrilift, Baker Oil Tools, Baker Atlas, Baker Hughes INTEQ, Baker Petrolite) and is utilized around the world to enhance downwell performance with the cutting-edge of coating technology. For their many international ESP and Oil Tool customers, we have successfully designed and field tested fluoropolymers, nitride, and metal-derivatives; with their proven track records in extreme-wear environments and chemically corrosive conditions.

Closely developed by our president, Thomas Wright, all custom, Industrial Coatings in the PUMPGUARD™ family are a reflection of his extensive experiences in the coating business; as well as the relationships that he has built with industrial chemists around the world. Having personally sprayed over 160,000 pump pieces himself over a 6 years period, Thomas with a solid understanding of the extreme downwell environments around the world and the needs of his customers.

Pumpguard, the Quality Coating Solution
Pumpguard Coated Parts

The PUMPGUARD™ industrial family of coatings is suited for all hostile environments and provides protection for services with scale deposition, nuclei-site formation, high-build, dielectrics, volcanic, steam, geothermal, rubber, chemical environments, and extreme-wear conditions. If our extensive PUMPGUARD™ fluoropolymer, nitide, and metal-derivative coating solutions do not suite your unique environment, let Solomon Coatings Custom Design a proven coating for your regional needs.

In addition to coating the pump, Solomon Coatings is also experienced in providing Coating Solutions for all wetted parts of the pump assembly and completion tools. Working in concert with the individual pump parts, the coating of assembly pieces prevents flow plugging, lowers the coefficient of friction, prevents porosity within the substrate, reduces scale deposition & nuclei-site formation, and generally enhances the performance of the pump itself. Contact a Sales Representative to discuss your coating needs.


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